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Earning your ARICP certification is an important step in your career. Having these credentials assures your clients of your knowledge as well as your comitment to safety and integrity. Discounts with some of the country's leading insurance companies can also save you hundreds - or even thousands - of dollars.

How does the certification procedure work?

ARIA certification is an important aspect of an instructor's career and requires that the candidate make it a priority. The certification process is accomplished by evaluating the instructor's qualifications by means of a unique and proprietary system of checks and balances which was developed by ARIA, and assures a totally fair evaluation for each candidate. The candidate's teaching ability is evaluated through written and oral testing, and, at Levels II and III, by a video/DVD submitted by the candidate. Instructors meeting the standards for a particular level will earn certification at that level. For example, if an instructor applies for Level 3, but tests come back showing Pass at Level 1 or 2, then that is the Level at which the instructor will be certified. ARIA offers certification to instructors at 3 levels and 15 teaching specialties. To ensure that ARIA Certified Instructors' standards remain high, re-certification is required 2 more times, at 5 year intervals. This also gives the instructor an opportunity to upgrade his/her level of certification and/or to add new teaching specialties. (Re-testing is always just $200. The original fee of $595. is paid only once - the first time an individual tests.)

Where is the certification testing held, and what is the fee?

The testing is conducted at one-day ARIA Test Centers (PDF) held throughout the year at many different locations around the country. The fee is $595.00. When a group of at least 6 instructors at a single location desire ARIA Certification, special arrangements will be made for testing at their site. It is also possible to test individually by appointment at a date of your choice, in Bonita Springs, Florida, a lovely beach area close to Ft. Myers and Naples, on Florida's west coast. The fee for private testing is only an additional $200.

What are the advantages of being an ARIA Certified Instructor?

ARIA Certified Instructors have nationally recognized credentials, and are eligible for significant insurance discounts through several major insurance companies. Their employment prospects are improved. ARIA Certified Instructors are listed in the ARIA Directory of Certified Riding Instructors and online: Find ARIA-Certified Instructors

ARIA Certified Instructors may also place free classified ads on the ARIA website. They also are members of ARIA and receive the quarterly magazine Riding Instructor.

How do I apply for Certification?

Program size is limited, so it is important to apply early in order to assure yourself of a place. You should register at least 30 days in advance. Late registrations may be charged a surcharge for mailing materials overnight. You may register online or mail in a form or call 239-948-3232. You may charge your fee to your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card.

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ARIA Certification
Program Booklet

For full details, download the 16-page ARIA Certification Program Booklet (PDF, 220K). Or contact us to request a copy via postal mail.