Renew Your ARIA Certification


Renew now for 2017 and save!  Simply complete the secure form below and click the SUBMIT button when you’re finished… that’s it! 

Please take your time when you do this and double check everything before hitting “submit”.  It will avoid us having to contact you to correct errors.  Feel free to add any notes or comments in the “Additional Comments” block below.

PLEASE NOTE: When you enter your credit card’s expiration date below, it calls for a dayJust enter any digit, i.e. “1” in the day box.  Please do be sure to enter the correct month and year.

To retain certification, an instructor must pay the annual dues.

NEW!  Renew for 10 years for only $499.  Includes your Directory listing in BOLD type and includes 5 extra lines of advertising! 

Just add “10 Years” in the “Additional Comments” block below.

Before December 15, 2016:

Basic renewal and listing – $75.00
Basic + 5 additional lines + bold – $95.00  (Just add your 5 lines in the Additional Comments block below)

Never have to pay annual renewals again! – $1,000