ARIA Instructor Certification

Earning your ARIA Certification is an important step in your career. The ARIA Instructor Certification Program uses a carefully designed and thought-out system of checks and balances to determine the earning of certification. A team of evaluators, located in various parts of the country, assess all aspects of each candidate’s demonstrated knowledge of the discipline he/she wishes to teach, as well as his/her attention to professionalism, safety, and business and personal integrity. Even at Level 1, ARIA certification is hard-earned, which makes it respected and important. Major insurance companies recognize ARIA Certification, and offer those instructors a substantial discount on their equine-related insurance needs.

In order to maintain ARIA’s credibility and high standards, each facet of ARIA’s originally-designed evaluation program is protected by copyright, and may not be copied or used in any way without prior written permission.  All ARIA material is intellectual property, and includes proprietary information.

  • For a booklet (in PDF format) providing complete information about ARIA Instructor Certification Testing, click on the following link. Certification Information Booklet
  • ARIA Instructor Certification testing is held at Test Centers throughout the country. For the current Test Center schedule click on the following link . Test Center Dates and Locations
  • To download a printable Test Center application form (PDF) click here.
  • Need to renew your certification? Renew here.
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